World Markets Olympic Challenge


In the spirit of the Beijing Olympics set to begin on Friday, we thought it would be fun to apply a CNBC twist to the summer games. Which World Market Index is poised to win the gold?

Vote: Who do you think will win the gold and outperform its peers over the course of the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Earlier in the year, we wrote about Latin American indices outperforming their counterparts in the rest of the world. But things have changed. In the past month, the Shanghai Index, has been a top performer while the Brazilian Bovespa is down over 9%. We have identified 20 indices from around the world that we will track over the next few weeks. (See their recent and YTD performance below.)

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Here are the rules:

August 4-7: The qualifying round - based on percent change from Friday's close to the close on Aug. 7 before the Summer Games begin. The top 10 performing indices will move on to the medal round.

August 8-24: The medal round - the top 10 indices from the qualifying round will compete head-to-head for the gold, silver and bronze awarded base on best % change during the Olympics.

Check in regularly for updates and profiles on these global markets, including some of their winning stocks.

Note: Some countries have more than one major index. We picked one representative from each country. For example, representing the USA is the S&P 500. Leading the S&P into the games are

  • Massey Energy up 110% YTD
  • Big Lots up 95% YTD
  • Celgene up 60% YTD
  • Hasbro up 52% YTD
  • CSX up 50% YTD

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