Water and Biotech: Stock Picks In a Dry Market

Looking for promising investments? Eugene Peroni thinks you'll find them in fields where earnings are growing.

"We still like infrastructure," the senior vice president of Advisors Asset Management told CNBC. "We like the health care group, especially the biotechs and medical and surgical supply."

"I do think that energy has not broken...that energy is still intact for the long term," he added.


In the biotech space, Peroni likes Gilead Sciences and Core Laboratories.

Under an agreement with Merck announced last week, Gilead will distribute a new HIV treatment in 12 countries. Core Labs announced earnings last month that beat Wall Street expectations by 20 cents per share.

In infrastructure, he favors Badger Meter, which makes water meters that automatically transmit usage data using radio frequencies.


Disclosure information for Eugene Peroni was not immediately available.