More Advice for Rishi in Chicago

Rishi in Chicago writes:

"Recently I started a footwear business, after 9 years of working in a corporate job. Now I'm getting a lot of resistance from my parents. Instead of encouragement, I get suggestions for how I can find another job. How can I make my parents believe in me?"

Nimisha from San Diego, CA writes:

1. Believe in yourself. Do not doubt for one minute that you are here to succeed.

2. Understand that your parents are not reacting to you. They are responding to their own fears. Do not have their fears project on to you.

3. Share with your parents how important it is to live your dream. Be open and honest. But don't point fingers at them. Let them know that you have your own journey to make.

4. Let them know that you have moved on to take on new ventures in life as an expression of your own growth and development...but mostly that you have come to this place because they are extraordinary parents who have raised an amazing son.

Please feel free to email me and I will be happy to speak with you further.

You have all the qualities of a leader and an entrepreneur. And I know that you will be successful!!

Deborah from Roseville, CA says:


My guess is that your parent's concerns are about their own fears, rather than not believing in you. For example, maybe they would never make the decision to start a business of their own because they have the mind-set that it is too risky. They probably want reassurance that you have not gone into this new venture blindly. Parents are always concerned about their child's well-being. They may need to know that you will be okay even if the business doesn't work out--financially, emotionally, etc. Or, they may not understand you have made a soulful decision and the business is extremely important to you on a variety of levels. Have a long heart to heart emphasizing how much their encouragement and support would mean to you and your success.

Rahil from Loves Park, IL writes:

Rishi, At the age of 18 I bought a Subway Restaurant Franchise. My sales were no where near enough to truly meet my expenses. My parents gave me grief about how I had lost all my money by investing in this business. But instead of using their pessimistic views as a de-motivator, I ended up using it as a way to motivate my self to learn marketing and turn my business around. By the age of 21 I had 3 Subway Restaurants.

My advice to you, PROVE THEM WRONG! Work harder & smarter than you've ever worked before. Don't take no for an answer, and prove to your parents that this is the best decision you have ever made; and when your business takes off, buy them a car! :0)

Marcus from Cary, NC suggests:

Rishi, I wouldn't worry about that. Parents will love you unconditionally no matter what, they just may not agree with your choices. I too went through this same thing...when the money started to roll in they were encouraging! Be steadfast in your vision and you will succeed! You believing in yourself and encouraging yourself will allow you to go further than anyone else's encouragement...even your parents! Good luck!

Aaron from Lehi, Utah says:

Stay focused and positive, and don't let what your parent's say discourage you with their suggestions.

When I first started my business, my parent's would not make suggestions about finding another job, but they would clearly give hints as to getting a job. It wasn't until I began sharing the successes of the company did their concerns begin to turn into encouragement and support.

Your parent's care about you and may just be misinformed or lack the understanding as to the state of your business. Frequently share the successes and progress of your company with them.