Fish-Eating Pedicures And Jet Powered Wheel Chairs


Fake Jane needs a pedicure badly. But not this badly. A spa in Alexandria, Virginia, is letting customers dunk their feet into a tank of water where tiny fish nibble off dead skin. Let me repeat: FEET-EATING FISH ARE BIG BUSINESS.

John Ho runs Yvonne Hair and Nails salon with his wife--yes, Yvonne--and he tells the AP that 5,000 customers have paid up to $50 for the privilege of having small carp called Dr. Fish smooth out their feet. One woman said it's the best pedicure she's ever had. "I'd been an athlete all my life, so I've always had calluses on my feet," Tracy Roberts told the AP. "This was the first time somebody got rid of my calluses completely." Not somebody, Ms. Roberts. Some thing.

The owners invested in the fish as a creative alternative to using razors, which some people fear may not be sanitary. Well, I can see why having fish eat your feet--the same fish eating everyone else's feet--seems so much...cleaner. The state is forcing the Ho's to switch from having the fish in a communal tank into individual tanks. Which may be a good thing. Apparently the fish in the communal tank would sometimes ignore customers to engage in a feeding frenzy on one client who REALLY needed a pedicure.

Speaking of fish, here's the most interesting bait and switch of the week. Allegro Medical sells all kinds of home health care products online. The company sent me a press release declaring that I'd just missed "Wheelchair Beautification Month" (again?). Anyhow, to encourage "savvy wheelchair users to pimp their ride," Allegro announced a new product. It's a jet-powered wheelchair costing $387,568 (half off!). The chair has a jet engine, high pressure tires, a rear airfoil, and goes from zero to 300 mph in 4.2 seconds. One person on the website even tried to put one into his online shopping cart.

Except it's not real. None of it. Allegro says the jet-powered chair is just a concept, a marketing concept, to juice sales of wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories. I got sucked in long enough to tool around the website for a while. I like the Rolleez all-terrain heavy duty wheelchair. Just wish it had a jet engine.

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