Lorie Marrero - Detox and Declutter

By Lorie Marrero

I am really looking forward to helping Britt with StinkyKids.com to dig out from the chaos and


get organized! I will be heading to Atlanta soon to help her go through her existing systems and update them for her growing company.

I am a “Mompreneur” too, and my business started 8 years ago in Austin & San Antonio, where my team has been helping all kinds of people with hands-on work to organize their homes and businesses. We’ve organized everything from chemistry labs to backstage tour cases! The local company I founded, called LivingOrder®, now lives on in the capable hands of my former employees, and I spend my full time energy helping people all over the world with our virtual membership program online, called The Clutter Diet®.

Focused mainly on home organizing, The Clutter Diet® helps people make the personal change necessary to get organized, providing education, motivation, and support to get it done. We give people personal access to our team of Professional Organizers for about the cost of a pizza, along with hours of multimedia tutorials and articles and a weekly plan of projects. We have many great success stories and before & after photos, so be sure to check out what our amazing members are doing to get their homes in shape!

With Britt we’ll be going through all of the 15 systems that we would normally assess for a SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) client, which are in the four categories of Time, Data, Paper, and Space. We’ve created a Personal Productivity Checklist that you can download here in PDF format, with a tip for each system. Let us know what you think and how the checklist has helped you!

You can get our free 12-page report, “30 Ways to Find Time to Get Organized,” when you sign up for our regular Tuesday tips at our flagship site ClutterDiet.com. I also write a blog about 2-3 times a week at www.clutterdietblog.com, and I broadcast a daily “ClutterTweetTip” on Twitter @clutterdiet, so stop by and say hello!

Some Extra Tips: PAPER

One of the biggest problems we see with home offices is… PAPER (imagine scary music here)! At The Clutter Diet® we teach people the “ART” of managing their paper by learning to quickly sort by “Action,” “Reference,” or “Trash.”

First, when you are facing a big pile of papers, you want to swiftly pull out all of the reading material and any obvious junk mail that you immediately recognize. Magazines and other bulky items make the pile look much scarier than it is!

ACTION papers are those that require action of any kind, like a form to complete, a bill to be paid, or pages that are part of a larger project you’re working on. There are two kinds: Quick Actions and Projects. Keep these separate and have a home for them so you can enter the required actions into your time management system and get them done.

REFERENCE papers are those that simply need to be kept for possible use later. There are three kinds of reference papers: Quick Reference, like handy “cheat sheets” or frequently called numbers; just plain Reference papers that are filed in your current filing system; and Archives, which are just older Reference papers sent somewhere else to be out of your way. A basket or tray marked “To Be Filed” can work well to batch up the filing work for later, and you can make a Quick Reference binder to collect your cheat sheets and handy information and keep them near your phone.

TRASH is the best kind of paper—you don’t need to take any action and you don’t need to keep it, so out it goes. But let’s make sure you recycle that if you can, and shred it if needed. We really feel strongly that every home and office should have a shredder.

The “ART” method of sorting allows you to plow through your piles and get some relief from the paper monster that is causing your stress. It’s really just a fast way of making decisions, so be ruthless!

- Lorie