Mack: Are You Stuck In Stress?

By Richard Machowicz
Do you ever find yourself stuck and unable to move forward? Does it ever feel as though there is an invisible force opposing your accomplishing something you really want? There is a s


ensation we experience as humans that we often confuse as being focused. We think we are connected to something vital but our capacity to produce a specific result seems greatly diminished.

If there is a secret to why Bukido Training produces such effective results it is simply that the training makes some clear, specific and basic distinctions. One set of these basic distinctions is Focus versus Fixation. On the surface they might appear, to all the senses, to be the same thing but in fact they are quite different. This distinction has to do with where our mental conversation is located in relation to time. In Bukido Training we think of our thoughts as a form of energy and what we are trying to accomplish is to make that energy as streamline as possible to increase our ability to focus and get results.

In our training we define focus as when clarity, concentration and action converge to create a specific result in the present. Focus is like laser connected to the moment that matters most. Now. Fixation as defined in the dictionary is to preoccupy obsessively or attaching oneself to a person, place or thing in an immature or neurotic fashion.

Keeping with the theme of simplicity, focus is alive and connected to the present. Fixation is stuck and attached to the past or some idea of what the future might hold. For example if half of my thoughts (energy) are locked on to a mistake I made a half-hour ago in some meeting, how much of my thoughts (energy) can possibly be available now. The obvious answer is only half. Imagine the challenge of producing a desired result with only a half-hearted effort.

Whenever you find yourself struggling to produce a result or you find your internal conversation stuck in the past. Just stop for a second and remind yourself of the target you have to accomplish right now. Refocus your effort on the moment-to-moment tasks that are absolutely essential to success right now.

- Mack