Judge: No Dice on MGA Mistrial Motion


According to MGA Entertainment, a judge has denied a motion for mistrial in the case Mattel brought against the company.

MGA was hoping to have a mistrial declared after the judge learned that one of the jurors made disparaging remarks about Iranians during deliberations. MGA CEO Isaac Larian was born in Iran.

The juror has been removed from the case, but the trial goes on.

The jury has already ruled in Mattel's favor in determining that the creator of the wildly successful MGA Bratz doll, Carter Bryant, conceived of the idea while he was still working at Mattel.

Now the jury must decide what damages, if any, Mattel is entitled to. As I blogged earlier today, Larian told CNBC exclusively that the Bratz line is worth $500,000 to $1 billion in sales a year for the company.

Mattel claims the doll line has hauled in a total of $3.1 billion as of June 2008, with profits of more than $800 million.

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