Dara Torres Grabs Gold (With Book Deal) 

Dara Torres
Dara Torres

She hasn’t even yet jumped into the Beijing pools and Dara Torres is already making a big splash. (Sorry, it was just so easy)

THE Water Queen – the woman who has become an inspiration to millions has just signed a deal to write TWO books.

The first book will be part memoir, part motivational and trust me – all inspirational.

Here she is - a woman over 40, twice divorced, mother of a toddler, bulimic survivor and now competing in her 5th Olympic Games – uh, if this doesn’t have “book” written all over it – I don’t know what does.

In a release about the book deal Torres says, “…I was convinced I would have a platform….to share my life experiences in a way that will hopefully inspire excellence and challenge women and men to push their own boundaries to new heights.”


Her editor for both books, Stacey Creamer at Broadway Books (an imprint of Random House) says Dara is, “Such an inspiration to everyone and has made people rethink what they think about aging and staying in shape”, and Creamer should know.

She edited Mr. Inspiration on Wheels – Lance Armstrong’s bestselling books, “It’s Not About The Bike” and “Every Second Counts”. Torres’ first book will be out in time for Mother’s Day, 2009. The second one - will be for those of us who stand in awe (and envy) at her knockout, drop dead, OMG body. The book – a fitness guide will be out in 2011.

CNBC’sDarren Rovell is in Beijing following all the business of the games – his blogs from Beijing are great – do yourself a favor and check them out.

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