Today's Top Videos: Pimco's Gross, Oil & More

Bond experts discuss the Fed's rate decision and an analyst feels optimistic about Cisco's earnings numbers. Following are today's top videos:

Bond Kings on Fed Rate Decision

“I think [the Fed] is concerned about lower growth and still concerned about inflation. But these concerns about the Fed raising interest rates are almost comical, because there are a lot of serious analysts out there that think that the Fed’s going to raise rates, but we’re in a recession. When has the Fed ever raised interest rates in a recession?”

--Bill Gross, Founder & CIO of Pimco

Oil Fever Breaking?

“For so many months, we kept hearing over and over again that demand destruction here in the United States just isn’t enough to drive prices lower. Once however, it hits growth centers like China, Russia, India –- that’s your sell signal. And analysts are starting to see signs of demand abroad and that it be breaking down.”

--Rebecca Jarvis, CNBC Business News

Cisco Earnings Analysis

“I think [Cisco earnings] is pretty solid. I was actually coming into this quarter expecting a little bit of softness because we’re heading into the latter months. Some of the enterprise folks were saying: “we don’t think things look so good,” and even on the carrier side, perhaps they were going to pull back some of their capital expenditures. So to see Cisco come in with this really solid quarter, we’ve got to be happy.”

--Mark Mowrey, Senior Analyst, Al Frank Asset Management

Lehman Weighs Sale of Investment

“If you have a write-down of $2.5 billion dollars, we do know that they’re out there trying to sell multiple bundles of mortgage-backed security, CDOs. Black Rock is one of the interested buyers, but there are others. They’ll do a deal similar to Merrill . The biggest issue with Merrill, besides the bells and whistles, and how much they’ve really sold it for, they created some sort price-mechanism, which isn’t too good if you’re Lehman Brothers…”

--Charlie Gasparino, CNBC On-Air Editor

Maria’s Market Message

“Oil inventory reports and earnings from Dow component AIG likely to set the tone for the markets on Wednesday. The Federal Reserve holding interest rates steady on Tuesday, the central bank keeping its benchmark Fed funds rate unchanged at 2 percent -- and leaving the discount rate at 2.25 percent. In the accompanying statement, the Fed said, “Although downside risks to growth remain, the upside risks to inflation are of significant concern.”"

--Maria Bartiromo, CNBC’s Closing Bell