World Markets Olympic Challenge: Playing South Korea


Qualifying rounds - Day Three: A huge rally in Europe and the US changed the leaderboard picture again.

  • Eight indices moved into positive territory
  • Sweden's OMX jumped to first place, up 2.6%
  • India's Bombay Sensex remains in second place
  • The USA's S&P 500 leapt to third with a 2.9% one-day climb
  • Yesterday's leader, Australia, plunged to 14th place. Nine indices moved into positive territory

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World Markets Olympic Challenge: Leaderboard as of (8/5 Close)

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After two days of polling, many of you still see Korea's Kospi in the medal round. Here are some Korean stats and stocks.


Economy (per International Monetary Fund):

  • 2008 GDP Forecast $999 billion
    • Third largest in Southeast Asia
    • Forecast growth for 2008 of 4.4%
    • $20,582 per capita
  • Inflation: 3.4%
  • Unemployment: 3.1%
  • Population: 48.6 million

Korean KOSPI Stocks that trade in the US:

080806 Korea.jpg

Other Korean heavyweights that do not trade in the US include Samsung and Hyundai which are competitors with Japan's Sony (SNE) and Toyota (TM). Check in daily for more updates and country profiles.

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