The Truth About Lying


There's a very important type of lying that we didn't address on the show today. And in my opinion - far more serious than the lies other people are telling you. They are the lies you tell to yourself.

Forget about the lie that you might encounter from someone this week - and look instead at the lies that you tell yourself DAILY:

- I don't have enough time.
- I can't do it.
- I don't know the answer.
- I will start my diet tomorrow
- I'm not good enough.
- Nothing works out for me.

All these things you say to yourself - they are lies. Not excuses. They are lies.
Wanna know how I know? Whenever you want something in your life and you start coming up with reasons it can't happen - you are lying. You haven't even tried - so those reasons, you made them up. You lied to yourself.
We all want to have less to do. So the first thing we locate in life when there is something "hard" in front of us - is the escape hatch. We look for a way out. Your lies to yourself are a way to create an escape hatch - a way out.
Here's the truth
You do have enough time.
You can do it.
You do know the answer.
You can start your diet right now.
You are good enough.

Things will start working out for you today.

Most of us need help to notice the lies we tell ourselves. The little lies that hold us back from living the life we dream of. Wanna know how I can help you? Easily. Just send me an email to and we'll stop your lying dead in its tracks. Think I'm lying? Try me.

- Mel