Donny's Blog: Turning Your Vision Into Reality

Eric from Brunswick, Ga writes:

Hey Donny,

I am an inventor! I am the happiest when I am conceptualizing ideas that will not only help my family but others as well. I am suffering inside because I am having a very hard time getting my concepts to become reality. I know not all of my ideas are going to change the world but I feel many of them could make a difference the way people live their lives. I TRULY believe in my ability to invent but I need a partner who can help put it all together and help us make millions. Any advise or suggestion would be VERY helpful. Thank you for your time and I


hope to hear from you.

Hey Eric,

You are happiest when you are conceptualizing the ideas. You are the vision person, the catalyst, the key to the engine BUT an engine has many parts. You need those others parts! Be brutually honest with yourself and write down what your strengths and weaknesses are. Partner up with someone or hire others who have the skill set in which you are lacking. I have always made it a policy to surround myself with people who are smarter than me. Get a smart partner or team behind you who can take your vision and help you finally turn it into reality.

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