Your Office: Littered with Landmines

By Mel Robbins

Every office is littered with landmines.


And I can tell you how to avoid the biggest landmines in your office.

You need to stop placing them! Yes, you. We are all guilty of creating many of our own problems.

Here are the biggest ones you can stop before you start them:

1. Gossip.
Make yourself a gossip free zone. Don't talk about other people behind their backs and when someone else wants to - just say 'I don't like to talk about people when they aren't here to defend themselves" or simply walk away.

2. Stop pointing the Finger
Instead of bitching about your boss. Put yourself in his/her shoes. Maybe your boss favors Susan because she does her job better than you. Ask yourself-what would I need to change about myself to become the superstar on this team? Work on that, instead of your case against Susan.

3. Don't worry, Ask
Worry and frustration spread faster than a cold at a daycare center. If you are worried about your job security, what your priorties should be, if you are on track for that promotion don't stew - just ask. You'll feel better and you won't infect anyone else!

Don't worry if you can't recognize the landmines of your own creation. That is a common problem. That's where I come in. If you want help getting out of your own way (or dealing with the office bully) all you have to do is ask me for help - shoot me an email at and I will help you start clearing your
personal landmines today.

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