Today's Top Videos: Cisco, Lehman & More...

Financial strategist Richard Bove discussed how he thinks Lehman Brothers will raise capital, and Cisco's CEO commented on his company's earnings report. Following are today's top videos:

The Frugal Future

“Consumer is next. Being 72 percent of the U.S. economy and almost 20 percent of the global economy, it’s going to have very significant impacts -- probably one of the reasons why commodity prices are coming off their bubble. I first started turning negative on the economic outlook once I saw housing rolling over.”

--David Rosenberg, North America Economist, Merrill Lynch

Bove Cuts Lehman 2009 EPS Estimates

“I think the critical issue is actually not the balance sheet but the customer. In other words, I think that in speaking to hedge funds, they’re telling me that they’re reluctant to do long data transactions with companies like Lehman. Because there are too many stories and rumors, and therefore, Lehman has to do something very dramatic to shore-up confidence, and I think the way to do it is to do the way Merrill Lynch did it.”

--Richard Bove, Financial Strategist, Ladenburg Thalmann

Hovnanian on a Turnaround

I don’t think you can quite declare a bottom of the market yet, there’s a lot of volatility. Last couple of weeks have been good, but it’s been very volatile from month to month. Promotion that we have used in different parts of the country has recently been interest rate related, doing some temporary buy-downs and that seems to be attracting a lot of customers.”

--Ara Hovnanian, CEO, Hovnanian Enterprises

Cisco Beats the Street

We had a record quarter of $10 billion in sales-- that’s 10 percent year-over-year growth -- balance was unusually good around the world, given the challenges that have been going on. Our new emerging markets were remarkably balanced with India growing about 20 percent, China and Brazil about 30%, Mexico and Russia about 40%… So given the challenges, if you can grow 8-10 percent in this market, we think we’re very well positioned with the future.”

--John Chambers, Chairman and CEO, Cisco

Maria's Market Message

“New data on pending home sales could set the tone for trading on Thursday. Mortgage lender Freddie Macreporting a second-quarter loss of $821 million dollars Wednesday, also saying it plans to slash its dividend by 80 percent. Company also warning it may have trouble meeting the capitalization standards. The CEO telling me today that he does not expect he will need the government’s lifeline from the Treasury.”

--Maria Bartiromo, CNBC's Closing Bell