Carl Lewis Might Be Back... To Sing

Nine-time gold medalist Carl Lewis will always be remembered for what he did on the track. Unfortunately, he'll also be remembered for what some might call the worst public singing of our National Anthem.

It happened on January 21, 1993 at a Nets-Bulls game. Lewis started the anthem took high and had to say "uh oh" at "rockets red glare" when he realized he wasn't going to make the notes. Charlie Steiner couldn't stop laughing at the highlight and joke that Lewis' tune was written by Francis Scott "Off" Key.

Through the magic of YouTube, here's a look at Lewis' rendition, which has been downloaded more than 325,000 times.

I meant to catch up with Carl on the 15th anniversary of the song in January, but something got in the way. So when I caught up with him at a McDonald's event in Beijing on Thursday to ask him a variety of topics on camera, my producer Tom Rotunno reminded me that I had to ask him about the National Anthem and his future.

Me: Will you ever sing the National Anthem again?

Carl: I don't know. It may happen again one day. Trust me, there's a lot of things in life I said I'd never do and somehow people convince me to do it.

Me: But don't you think you have to sing it again to prove you can, you know, start on the right key?

Carl: People know me know my past, what I stood for, what I did for the sport. As far as the Anthem goes, people know where to find me. They know how to get me to do it again. (Lewis rubs his fingers together as if to say it would take money.)

Minor league teams... start the bidding! Carl Lewis Anthem Night would be a sure sellout.

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