I'm at the Olympics in Beijing, but I have to keep up with the business of Brett Favre, even though I'm a half of world away.

So here's your primer of everything that happened once Favre got traded from the Packers to the Jets.

*NFLShop.com sold 6,500 jerseys in 24 hours. A record number of jerseys sold of one player. The league's online Web site also experienced a record one day revenue take.

*More Favre jerseys were sold on Newyorkjets.com in a single day than any month in 2007.

*On eBay, the average Favre item sold jumped in price from $24.60 the day before (Wednesday) to $47.86 on Thursday.

*eBay's ticketing site Stubhubalso had its biggest revenue day. Stubhub spokesman Andy Pray told CNBC that about 2,500 Jets tickets changed hands through its site.

*Electronic Arts announces that it would not change the covers of its Madden '09 game with a Green Bay Packers Favre on the cover. The game comes out on Tuesday. An online roster patch featuring Favre as the starting quarterback for the New York Jets will be available that same day. EA says that gamers will also be able to download a Favre Jets cover on EASports.com.


*The Jets recorded over 500,000 unique visitors and 2.5 million page views to newyorkjets.com in the first 24 hours (8/7/08), ten times the number of unique visitors to the Jets website for a similar day.

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