Recession-Fighter Stocks (Part 2)

Investments to resist the slowdown: David Pearl of Epoch Investment Partners and David Moon of Moon Capital Management offered CNBC their insights -- and favorite stocks.

Moon agrees with Pearl about the need to re-categorize many household- and personal-product makers, currently considered consumer-oriented:

"Most high-end pharmacological purchases are not discretionary," Moon told CNBC.

(See Part 1 for Pearl's view and stock picks)

Moon pointed to Johnson & Johnson as an example: "We like them, even [considering] the consumer portion of their business." He also named Pfizer, whose necessary medicines outweigh "discretionary" products like Viagra.

"We're actually buying both (J&J and Pfizer) right now," Moon said.

He also praised Walmart, eBay and MGIC Investment.

(See Part 1 for Pearl's view and stock picks)


Disclosure information was not immediately available for Pearl, Moon or their respective companies.