Building & Banking: 5-Star Stock Picks

The global slowdown and the financial meltdown don't faze Randy Bateman. The chief investment officer of Huntington Funds has his eyes on a global infrastructure play and a bank.

His Huntington Situs Trust Fund is up an average of 14.48 percent per year over the last five years.


Bateman likes Trimble Navigation.

"The global slowdown would be a problem for everyone, but I'm not sure I necessarily believe in it," he told CNBC. "In this country, we know we're going to have to spend upwards of a trillion dollars on infrastructure build; that's got to take place pretty quickly, and if you add that to what's taking place in the rest of the world, I think...Trimble Navigation is in an excellent position."

He's also enthusiastic about Cullen Frost Bankers. That's right, a bank. Bateman says the secret to that stock is where the bank is located.

"One of the things that's hurt the other regional banks is the economy, and the economy has been sapped, in part, because of the rising fuel costs," he explained. "Texas, on the other hand, has been a beneficiary of those, and Cullen Frost happens to be one of the oldest institutions in Texas, is solely within the boundaries of Texas, and certainly, that economy is doing much better than the economy as a whole."


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