Tips and Tricks for Wedding Savings

Your wedding day is a day of good fortune, but one that’s likely to cost a fortune, too. The average wedding and honeymoon costs over $32,000. On Friday’s Steals & Deals segment, Carmen – with the help of Samantha Goldberg, a premier wedding planner for brides on a budget – revealed the best ways to save before you walk down the aisle.

Summer is wedding season, but picking an off-time to get hitched could save you big bucks – as much as 30 to 50%, Goldberg said. January, February and late fall are becoming more popular times to get married because of how much cheaper it is to plan a ceremony in the off season.

A new trend when it comes to registering gifts is to go beyond the customary china and kitchen appliances. Why not have your guests contribute toward a down payment on a house? It sure beats a juice maker, especially if you’re stressing about where all that cash is going to come from.

Botanica is a major budget-buster for any wedding, but it doesn’t have to be. Goldberg suggested buying flowers that are in season or going with stock flowers that aren’t pre-ordered.This could save you 30 to 40%, she said.

Finally, trade skills instead of bills. Watch the Wedding Web Extrato find out more.