Emailing Your Way to the TOP

By Monroe Mann, M.E.Unstoppable Artists, LLC
Co-Author, “Guerrilla Networking”

First off, I have got to give BIG KUDOS to everyone who actually took the time to find my email address and email me after my appearance on the Big Idea last week. I have responded to


every email, and have spoken to over half of you. And all it took was a quick email sent directly to me. Good job people!

Folks, that is what networking is all about: not just watching someone on a talk show, or reading their blog, but actually risking rejection by trying to get in contact that that person. By going the extra mile and trying to make a personal connection with someone. Now that is impressive, and that is something everyone can emulate: don’t just assume that the person on tv, or the author of a book, is too far removed or too busy to help you. If you have something to say to someone, and would like them on your team: TELL THEM! They may be waiting to hear from someone just like you!

So risk that rejection. True, maybe you won’t hear from them. But on the other hand, maybe you will! As I have learned over the years, I am more than willing to fall flat on my face nine times, because the odds are that on the 10th time, not only will I not fall, but I will actually fly.

That all being said, the great Paul Toscano, web producer of the Big Idea, asked me to follow up last week’s blog entry with a sequel. Thanks for the opportunity Paul.

This time, I am going to publicly answer a couple of the emails I received. I think you’ll find that the lessons are applicable to everyone (i.e. YOU!), and I hope you find them useful.

And if you like what you read… get in touch with these people! And ‘these people’ includes me. Send me a hello if you think you’d like to meet me. But remember, follow the rules of guerrilla networking when writing the email. In other words, be sure to explain why you are the type of person I would want to meet. And this applies to anyone you write an email to from this point forward. J

OK, first up, we have Corrie Wilder, Managing Partner of the new company, GRiPPiES ( She writes:

“Hey Monroe, reading your post (from Wednesday 7/30) was extremely motivating
for me. I'm a full time working mother of two who recently invented a product, started a business and I’m working on peddling my wares to the big guys out there in brick & mortar mass market retail land (while still in my full time job and still being a mother to my two girls and a wife to my husband). It's incredibly intimidating sometimes, but exhilarating as well. Honestly, there are times lately where my many worlds just feel like they are going to collide and I’m not going to reach the goals in my business that my partner and I know we are capable of. Your posting was a kick in the ass on a slow Friday afternoon. We are seeking buzz, and clearly you are a buzz maker! Any advice?”

Hey Corrie, first off: congratulations. Congrats on doing what most people refuse to do: push themselves to the extreme and get the job done no matter what. I live by my philosophy of ‘No Rules, No Excuses, No Regrets™’ and that is exactly my advice to you: KEEP GOING. You are doing what most people only dream of: pushing forward on a wing and a prayer, going against the grain, and believing enough in your dreams to risk everything to see them come true. As Mohammed Ali once said, “Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” Wise words, Corrie, and words you need to repeat over and over to yourself. I know it’s tough now, but look at the horizon, and realize that in a couple of years—once GRiPPiES is a household name, and you are rolling in your millions of dollars—you will look back and realize that it all was worth it. Another quote comes to mind; one from Mario Andretti, the great race car driver. He said, “If you feel like you’re in control, then you’re not driving fast enough.” Shazam. Isn’t that a wonderful quote? And doesn’t it make you feel better? Take note Corris: this feeling of your worlds being on the verge of colliding is a GOOD thing. Yes, a good thing! It means you are alive; taking chances; risking embarrassment; and most importantly, it means you are a true entrepreneur. In all honesty, just take a deep breath, write out a new to-do list for the next three months, and drive on. You are on the right track, and the way you feel is normal: every great entrepreneur felt the way you were feeling at one point. Embrace that feeling, and look fondly forward to your incredibly bright future.

The second email is from singer Maya Bisson ( She writes:

“Hi Monroe, I read your blog at and I just thought I'd say hi and send you my website at to see if you could help me get connections. I have been a performer for many years and I am also a cancer survivor. You can read my story at I really am at a crossroads right now, because having been devastated financially, I am just on my way back and my dream is to become a world famous singer and teacher/healer. I know I can do it but I need some help with the right people. You sound like someone I'd like to talk with.”

Maya, first off, congrats on being so bold! I am glad you flat-out asked me to help you get connections. That is half the battle. The other half, though, is ensuring that you adequately lay your networking foundation. In other words, asking for connections in and of itself usually will not work unless you also prove to whomever you are pitching that you are the type of person he or she should connect others with. Influential people have many connections, yes, but the key question is: what can you DO for them? Networking is SALES, plain and simple. And you can never get something for nothing. So start thinking about WHY you are the type of person others should want to meet. Figure that out, and include it in your elevator pitch. Next, I do have to say that your story as a cancer survivor is a winner. Anyone who has overcome something life changing like that is an inspiration to me, and I am sure many others. The key now is to capitalize on that inspiring story. Don’t capitalize on your misfortune—no way; instead, capitalize on your will power and strength and on how you were able to overcome such a difficult period in your life, and how today you are all the better for it. That is a story worthy of national acclaim! Lastly, I understand that you are in a financially difficult place right now, and at the same time, you want to make it to the top of the music profession. Here’s my quick advice: first and foremost, develop your financial intelligence. If you haven’t read books like Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Richest Man in Babylon, and Becoming Rich… I suggest you do. Go take an accounting course at a local college. Hire someone such as myself who can help you get your financial life back in order. You say you don’t have the money to hire someone to help you with your finances? Do you see the irony in that? Whoever you decide to work with is irrelevant; the important thing is that one of your number one priorities needs to be personal financial management. Only then can you start to get your dreams of stardom back on track. Mission number one: start saving up 6 months of living expenses in a savings account. I recommend Once you have that financial cushion in place, a weight of pressure will be removed from your shoulders, and you will be in a far better position to begin planning your domination of the music biz. And I’ll be standing in the front row cheering you on!

Thanks again for reading my blog. It really means a lot to me! True to what I said on the show, I want to take a moment to thank Donny Deutsch, Mary Duffy, Eric Ritter, Marianne Schaberg, Patrick Denzer, Heather Polyi, Michael Mazza, Wallisha White, and of course, Paul Toscano, and the rest of ‘Team Big Idea’ for having me on the show. You guys are wonderful, and I hope to be invited back again one day soon.

On that note, folks, I look so forward to meeting you all… AT THE TOP!

-Monroe Mann

Masters of Entrepreneurship
CEO, Unstoppable Artists, LLC and Loco Dawn Films, LLC


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