Speedo Living Up To Hype At Olympics


I'm not sure if it's the suit, the swimmer or the fact that everyone has switched over, but Speedo says that 22 of 24 swimming medals won through Monday afternoon Beijing time have been won by swimmers wearing Speedo.

Since Feb. 12, Speedo says 57 of 61 world records have been broken in its suits.

Has any one company in modern times had so much dominance in a sport? I doubt it. At this pace, the Speedo brand is going to put some of its competitors out of business. That won't happen of course because companies like Tyr and Nike know that by the next world championships they have to have a suit that can be compared.

We'll be watching Warnaco , Speedo's parent company, to see if they'll see a blip from any of this. They're about 50 cents off the 52-week high on the open this morning.

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