4-Star Stock Picker: Go With Growth

To hear Nicholas Kaiser tell it, growth is the secret ingredient in a successful portfolio.

His four-star Sextant Growth Fund is up an average of 11.42 percent per year over the last five years.


His first growth pick is Noble Corporation.

"So far, this stock has traded with oil, rather than with the earnings, so we have an opportunity to buy into the stock today," Kaiser told CNBC. "This is a company with 62 offshore rigs, building three more of these -- they're very expensive, [but] very profitable right now."

Despite the possibility of a long-term consumer slowdown, Kaiser also likes Hewlett Packard.

"The company, under Mark Hurd, has really done a turnaround," he said. "Thirty percent of its top directors and managers have been replaced, and earnings growth is very solid...so we're seeing that the big issue is their new diversification into services, and the purchase of EDS."

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Disclosure information for Nicholas Kaiser was not immediately available.