Best Trades Now: Healthcare, Tech & More

To give investors an edge, CNBC asked the experts for their best trades now.

Betting on the Consumer

“It’s more of a trade on the consumer trading down. A lot of the stores are trying to sell their clothing at full price. And what that means is TJX Companies is going to continue to see, we think, a lot of merchandise coming their way at reasonable prices. Consumers are moving down; they still want brand names. TJX stores are very full now...”

- James Reed, UMB Scout Stock Fund

Reed also likes: Aflac and General Mills

Innovative Companies on the Cheap

"Mentor is a top player in the cosmetic-surgery market...They have a 50 percent share in silicon breast implants, and this is a highly-regulated industry, and these guys just keep introducing new products."

- Michael Tian, Morningstar Equity Analyst

Tian also likes: Applied Materials, Autodesk, Blackbaud and

All-American Stock Picks

"I do think you need to supplement your portfolio with a few U.S. names, some consumer names, some healthcare names that I think have been doing well here and have reasonable fundamentals."

- Robert Doll, Blackrock Chief Investment Officer

Doll likes: Express Scripts, McKesson, Pfizer, WalMart and Kroger.


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Off-the-Chart Stocks

"Technology has proven to have very strong positive relative strength...We've also seen signs of life in the REIT sector, so, to combine those two sectors, the potential there, we look at Digital Realty."

- Katie Stockton, MKM Partners Chief Market Technician

Stockton also likes: Procter & Gamble , Westlake Chemical and MasterCard .


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