Social Networking Life for Business and Play

By Jeff Taylor

1. It's a free platform where you can reach millions....hello!!!
And with scale, its virtually free for a network to have you on as well. A free piazza.... a buyer


and seller marketplace that just doesn't always know it.

2. Perspiration is the key ingredient. Your actions create value...someone said "if its worth doing, its worth overdoing".

3. If you build it, they won't come - This medium is 5 parts "give" and 1 part "get". Kind of like being a parent with teenagers :) Use your creativity, use your expertise....share your story and help others then the flow will start to come your way.

4. Content sparking - Your "news" is your activity center. Some call it vitality. Create a steady stream of input. New pictures, links to video, blogs, comments, change your "mood" on your page and enhance your "about me" with new interests. Your actions will build your brand.

5. Develop your social networking strategy around your me, we and it - Your "me" is all about you, your "we" is all about your friendship circles and you "it" is all about your passions. Then place your business into the middle of this experience...connect it to everything.

6. SN theatre analogy- There are 3 types of social networkers. The creators/producers, the actors and the audience. As a business you must develop into a creator, a "key influencer" sparking great content, engaging people in the discussions and getting them(the actors) to contribute....the audience will then take care of itself. An audience will always find great content. A productive network will have 1%creators, 9% actors and 90% audience.

7. Focus on the prize and ignore the naysayers. There will always be someone that will say it won't work, that's its too big or too small. Too broad or too narrow. Your passion will overpower evil every time.

8. PAPN - Pick APrimary Network - If you're like me and find it hard to focus with so many SN's....then you need some PAPN! You can be a bee and buzz around everywhere, just make sure most of your quality effort is invest in one home base SN

9. Linking does not a social network make. Countless people say I'm on LinkedIn yet do nothing with it. This is not about surfing the web, its about leaning into a SN enough that your email becomes irrelevant.

10. Hobby makes perfect-im a DJ and finally decided to really sort out what a SN could do for my hobby. The first months were painful with 4 friends, 8 friends and no real vitality. A few years into the experience SN has become a critical factor in the advancement of my hobby. And the learnings from this effort have crossed over nicely into my world. Exploring your hobby through social networking is a low risk learning tool.

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Living a SN life is A BIG Idea!

- Jeff Taylor.

P.S. - The Power panel rocked last night.
My second visit to Donny Deutsch's The BIG Idea was all about making great connection. Donny's energy is amazing and he's a stitch on the breaks.

Richard Notar from Nobu and I worked hard to be simple bookends to showcase Kathy Ireland. All in all, we ended up as a pretty well balanced panel of business/life experience as we focused on the real stars of the show....the small business owners looking for "the big idea" and how to fine tune their brand messaging.