Stock Picker: Rally Won't Last -- Buy Energy

Christopher Zook is very suspicious of this summer's stock-market rally. The chairman and chief investment officer of CAZ Investments thinks it's time to get back into energy stocks, which have been taking a beating recently.

"I do not think that the bottom has been reached," Zook told CNBC. "We may have put in a bottom, but I definitely think this rally's going to falter as we get into the third-quarter earnings and the election."


His shopping list is heavy on oil-service companies.

"We like the integrateds, we like Chevron; we like the oil-service names, we like Tidewater, we like Transocean, we like Nabors, we think those have tremendous upside," he said.

He's not concerned about a further decline in oil prices, because he doesn't think they'll drop much more.

"We think that oil and natural-gas prices will stay in a range somewhere in the low triple digits to high double digits, and in that kind of environment, these service companies are going to make a tremendous amount of money," he said.


Disclosure information for Christopher Zook was not immediately available.