Oil Down, Tech Up?

Last night Jim talked about how, bizarrely, lower oil prices seem to help tech stocks.

It doesn't make sense, but the evidence is there. Just take a look at the amazing runs that Google, Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Research in Motion, and Amazon, have had since the beginning of last week.

Earlier I wrote about the possible demise of the summer tech rally that would come every year virtually without fail, with RIMM looking like the last man standing this season. Looks like I was wrong.

Part of the story here is that a lot of these tech names are high-multiple, high-growth stocks that are being valued based on their earnings in 2010, 2011 or even as far out as 2012. Inflation makes these future earnings less valuable, but as Jim pointed out last night (very late at 11p ET, but we're team players who don't mind being preempted by the Olympics), we're now seeing deflation on almost all fronts thanks to the collapse of commodity prices. That makes the future earnings of these high-growth tech stocks more valuable.

Long live the summer tech rally?

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