Got a Problem? Mel has an answer you may not expect

By Mel Robbins
Host, Make It Happen with Mel Robbins
Gotta Problem? My answer: not what you'd expect.


Yes at some point the proverbial *&^% will hit the fan. It might be in your personal life, your business life - at some point, disaster will strike.

For me it was personal. My son was born with Hirschsprung's Disease and needed a month in the NICU and several surgeries. With two kids at home and two businesses to run, being at the hospital 24/7 was a disaster.

For my husband, he also had a disaster in his business. It was the third location of his restaurant, After 18 months of struggle, he and his partner had to close it. The build out costs and lost investment associated with the failure almost sunk the entire company. This just happened 4 months ago. And, they survived and are now they are opening up another one.

What got us through it?

Yes we had insurance.
Yes we had a great attorney.
Yes we had business plans and a good accountant.

What got us through those personal and business crises was our personal network. The relationships that we had built over the previous decade got us out of the worst disasters of our lives. Our network provided us the introductions, the recommendations, the babysitting, the carpooling, the pat on the back, the cold beer and the invaluable counsel that we needed most, when we needed it.

You gotta problem? What is your network like? If you don't have a great one - my advice: start right now to build and nurture one. How do you do that? Its easy. Be interested in people and what they are up. And when they need you - step up and help. It will come back a thousand fold.

Got a problem right now - and no real network to turn to - all you have to do is turn to me.
I host a radio show and I would be happy to be in your network. All you have to do is email me at

- Mel