World Markets Olympics: S&P 500 Holds on to Lead


Medal rounds - Day 3: Despite a down day across most markets, the US continues to outperform while India's Sensex has fallen to last place.

  • Only Australia had an up day, gaining .41%
  • India's Sensex had the worst day of our medal contenders, losing 1.9% and taking it to last place
  • The USA's S&P 500 lost 1.2%, tightening the range between the top 5 leaders by less than .5%
  • Although eliminated in the qualifying rounds, the battle with Georgia does not seem to have hurt the Russian RTS Index which gained 3.5% yesterday.

World Markets Olympic Challenge: Leaderboard as of (8/12 Close) -

080813 Olympics.jpg

Helping the S&P hold onto its leader spot were Titanium Metals (TIE), Gap (GPS), Cabot Oil & Gas (COG), Chesapeake Energy (CHK), and Monsanto (MON). Who do you think will win the World Market Olympic Challenge?

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