How Many Times Is It the Same Headline?

"Haven't we covered that already?"

I find myself asking that a lot lately in our morning editorial meetings. That's because this summer's top business stories tend to be the same thing, over and over again. Just different dates.

"Banks Under Pressure"

"Inflation Worries on the Rise"

"Home Market Continues Decline"

To be fair, each time a story in these areas comes about, there's a little more info and advancement. But the theme remains the same. And so my sometimes muddled mind wonders if we haven't been there, done that.

This is the opposite phenomenon of "don't have to do that," which tends to affect reporter types. That's where you point out a story on the competition or suggest a story on a certain subject and the reporter claims its already been done ... usually with a roll of the eyes and an admonishing "but we did that story three weeks ago ..."

The circumstances leading to such can be ...

1. A reporter is lazy.

2. A reporter doesn't want to admit the competition is ahead.

3. A reporter has written about this story 15 times already and can't bear to do it again.

Whatever. Some stories deserve to be revisited again and again. "Banks Under Pressure," anyone?

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