Today's Top Videos: Google, Toll Brothers & More...

Google CEO shares his insights on the company and the CEO of Toll Brothers explains why he is still satisfied despite the company's weak earnings. Following are today's top videos:

Where to Invest Now with Abby Joseph Cohen

“We think the second half of this year may bring some disappointments. Keep in mind that we’ll be passed the benefits of those tax rebates and so we’ll be watching very carefully for signs of some traction within the domestic economy, especially the consumer. But with that said, there are some areas of strength within the United States economy. We’ve certainly seen that in terms of exports –- which continued to do quite well, and the other area that has been surprisingly good has been business fixed investments.”

--Abby Joseph Cohen, President, Global Markets Institute

Eric Schmidt on Google

“This is New York! [Investors] can afford $500 [on Google stocks]. We’re not going to split the stock –- at least not for the while. People think that the value of a stock is basically the dollars, so we keep it high. We don’t provide any guidance because we don’t want to get in the way of running business. If we started having quarterly guidance, suddenly the whole company would start focusing on the quarter rather than change the world.”

--Eric Schmidt, CEO,

Toll On Housing

“It doesn’t feel good [in terms of the housing slowdown], but it’s not getting any worse. Our traffic is at all time lows, but it’s been consistently in the numbers for about the last three quarters. So that gives us something good to feel about. We feel good that the cancellations have finally come in a little bit. In the past eight quarters, we only had only one other quarter as good as this.”

--Toll Brothers CEO Robert Toll

Atlanta Fed Chair on the Economy

“It’s a good time to be a farmer. They have the potential to have great times. Because the volatility in these commodity markets are difficult for farmers to manage, we don't always get a chance to sell our crops at the highest prices. They're available on the boards, but basis changes for us delivering the real product to elevators, and it can be a real challenge. We don't hit the highs, but on balance, with normal yields, prices are good."

--Larkin Martin, Fed Chairman, Atlanta Federal Bank

Maria’s Market Message

“Earnings from Wal-Mart and the consumer price index’s latest reading on inflation could set the tones for trading on Thursday. But it was disappointing retail sales and oil sending stocks lower Wednesday. The Commerce Department reported retail sales fell one-tenth of a percent lower than last month, lower than the expectations and the first drop in five months because of another big decline in auto sales. Oil prices making a comeback, crude oil surged $2.99 a barrel to finish the trading session at $116 a barrel.”

--Maria Bartiromo, CNBC’s Closing Bell