What's Buffett Buying?  Berkshire's Portfolio Snapshot Due Later Today


Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway is expected to file its quarterly portfolio snapshot with the SEC later today (Thursday.)

The report of Berkshire's publicly-traded U.S. stock holdings as of June 30 should give us some clues on whether Buffett took advantage of stock price declines to add to his holdings.

It's not a perfectly clear look behind the curtain, because Buffett sometimes gets permission to temporarily omit information on stocks he's actively accumulating.

Three months ago, we learned that Berkshire had increased its stakes in two healthcare companies and eliminated Ameriprise Financial from its portfolio during the first quarter.

We got even bigger news in the February filing for 2007's fourth quarter: an 8.6 percent stakein Kraft Foods that had been built up for several months.


While we're waiting for today's filing, check out Berkshire's holdings as of March 31 with our Portfolio Tracker. It shows you what stocks Berkshire has reported owning, how many shares and the real-time dollar value of the holdings. We've also just added another column that displays the percentage of each company's outstanding shares that are owned by Buffett & Co. And, of course, it will be updated later tonight with the latest holdings as revealed in today's filing.

Current Berkshire stock prices:

Class A:

Class B:

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