Wanna Work for Google?

Google is growing.”

So said CEO Eric Schmidt during his Wednesday interview with Cramer. No, not the one you saw midday on Mad Money at the Half. Not even the web-exclusive clip we put up a few hours later. But on last night’s Mad Money at 11p ET (we have a new schedule during the Olympics in case you don’t know: a live half hour at 1:30p ET and then another full show at 11p).

But yes, even gargantuan Google is still growing. If you think there has to be a limit to that growth eventually, then you’re in agreement with plenty of Wall Street analysts. But Schmidt would beg to differ. The internet still has a long way to go, he said. And this search giant is taking the initiative to move into myriad different businesses to find new cash flows.

Check out this video where Schmidt talks about that growth, the power of the internet, the future of search, YouTube and what it takes to get hired at Google.

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