Friday Stock Picks: Going For Quality

Michael Yoshikami is rounding out the week with an eye toward quality.

The president and chief investment strategist of YCMNET Advisors picks two Dow Jones industrials as his Friday trades.


His first pick on the last day of the week is Johnson & Johnson.

""A great, great presence in the medical-device field, diversified business, international presence," he said of the company. "We think that's a good opportunity right now."

He says a downgrade by UBS just makes Johnson & Johnson a better opportunity.

Yoshikami also likes McDonald's.

"They have a great global growth plan," he said. "Their master plan, amazingly, is to have more restaurants in China than they do in the United States, and you can imagine what kind of impact that would have on their earnings."

Rounding out Yoshikami's list is mobile-phone giant Vodafone.


Disclosure information for Michael Yoshikami was not immediately available.