Stock Picks At the Market Crossroads

Yogi Berra once (allegedly) said, "If you come to a fork in the road, take it." Ken Kam thinks the market is at a crossroads, and investors face quite a challenge deciding where to go next.

The president and chief investment officer of Marketocracy Masters 100 outlined for CNBC the questions that he thinks must be answered: Are we past the major part of the financial crisis? Are the oil prices going to stay down significantly? And... how should investors prep for the answers?


Despite the recent tumble in the price of oil, Kam likes Occidental Petroleum.

"You have to look at a map, and see where Occidental gets its major sources of oil," he explained. ""Libya is one of the safer places to get oil nowadays, and secure access to oil supplies is one of the reasons Occidental looks particularly attractive right now."

He also recommends MasterCard despite its financial exposure and the consumer slowdown.

"People are not able to borrow on their home-equity lines of credit as easily any more," he said. "They're shifting their borrowing to credit-card use; in the second quarter of this year, MasterCard reported that revenues grew 25 percent. Imagine that! A company the size of MasterCard able to grow revenues 25 percent at a time when the whole worldwide economy was slowing down!"

Elan is on his list as well.


Disclosure information for Ken Kam was not immediately available.