Brett Favre: Did His "Non-Retirement" Hurt His Appeal?

Brett Favre
Brett Favre

Brett Favre can sure sell a jersey. Since he un-retired, his Jets jersey is the league's best seller and his Packers jersey, believe it or not, is right behind.

But did Favre, who appears on the cover of EA's Madden '09 released this week, lose credibility with fans through his back and forth with the Packers and his decision to come back?

The great folks at Davie Brown Index(DBI), who I think are the best indicators of who's hot and who's not, just sent me the new stats on Favre. Let's look at the difference. (Note: The awareness is the only number in percentages, the rest are just scores.)

Poll Awareness Appeal Aspiration Endorsement Trust

5/5/08 70% 80.5 72.0 74.8 68.1

8/13/08 81.2% 71.4 68.7 70.6 60.3

So this means that more people know of Favre now than before he came back. But the whole ordeal, has hurt his appeal, his aspirational qualities, his ability as an effective spokesperson and the reliability of his words.

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