Take The Leadership IQ Test!

By Mark Sanborn
Author, You Don't Need a Title To Be a Leader


On a scale of 1-10 (one being lowest and 10 being highest), evaluate yourself on the following:

1. I have a clear vision of success

You can’t hit a target you can’t see and neither can your team. You need a vivid vision of your future success that you communicate incessantly.

2. I am a positive role model

Everybody is a role model; be a positive example. Nobody wants to follow an emotional train wreck. You must first master yourself before you can expect others to voluntarily follow.

3. I sell my ideas, products and services

Most people tell; leaders sell. Selling is helping people make a decision that is good for them. Communicate the value of your ideas with passion.

4. I train and develop my team

There are only two ways to grow any business in the world today: grow yourself as a leader and grow your team. If you aren’t continually improving and your people aren’t better because of you, you aren’t leading.

5. I keep everyone focused on the WIN: What’s Important Now

It isn’t enough to be focused on what’s important; leaders create shared focus.

6. I have the right people in the right role

No amount of coaching or training will make the wrong person the right employee. Make sure you have the right match between your team members and what they need to do.

7. We don’t just take action, we take responsibility.

You can take action and go through the motions and accomplish nothing. Taking responsibility for solving problems and creating results is the evidence of true leadership.

Everybody needs to be following the same blueprint. Clearly communicate what you’re working towards and involve others in determining how to best get there.

8. We don’t waste time or energy on the unimportant.

Money is a byproduct of the only three resources you have: your time, your energy, and the time and energy of your team. You can’t afford to waste any of those things.

9. My team and I have a high I.Q.: implementation quotient

Knowing isn’t enough; success is based on results, not intentions. You have a high I.Q. if you’re consistently doing the right things at the right time.

10. We deliver value that is distinctive: different and valued

It isn’t enough to be different; what makes you different from your competition must be values by your customer and marketplace. Never stop growing your value proposition.

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100 If you scored 100, you’re delusional, and that disqualifies you from leadership. Perfection may be the goal but it is never attained. Get real.

80-99 If you’re truly that good, congratulations. Here’s the question: would your team score you as highly?

70-80 This score makes you pretty darn good in my book; it also means you’ve still got room for improvement. Good for you.

60-70. Hey, you’re in the game! If you want to win the game, then pick the questions where you scored lowest and determine the one thing you can do that would most close the gap.

Below 59: Don’t focus on how good you aren’t-focus on how good you could be. Take advantage of the many great leadership development resources available and commit to big improvement. And I respect your honesty. Now get to work!

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