The (Sony PlayStation 3) Story That Just Won't Die


The Sony PS3 story has landed me in the middle of a whole new world: the gamer podcast (more below).

No blog posting of mine has generated as much outrage as the one last month on my son swapping his Microsoft Xbox360for a Sony PlayStation 3, especially after www.kotaku.compicked up the story.

I am STILL getting emails, like one from Ivan who seems to think I dissed the PS3, even though I said my son CHOSE the PS3 after watching the Sony press conference at E3 on G4:

"Did your son know that G4 is sponsored by Microsoft so everything he's watching that's bad for PLAYSTATION 3 is just lies. G4 sucks, no real gamer watchers that biased useless channel. They hate any game made for Sony or Nintendo. PLAYSTATION 3 rules...Xbox sucks."



One of my original critics on this story was JediChric (his gamer name) who originally called me a "moronic" reporter. He also does a podcast and asked me if I'd be willing to be interviewed.

Why not? Turns out, as these things always do, that JediChric and his co-host SparkStalker (see their photo, JediChric is on the left) could not have been more gracious, while still taking me to task about the blog. Here is the link to the podcast--you are hearing it before I am since I'm out in the field today.

Afterwards, you may think "moronic" may have been appropriate after all, but JediChric has gone so far as to post an apology to me on his blog!

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