Oil Worries: Storm May Be In Gulf Of Mexico By Tuesday


A new computer model run of the latest tropical threat may make a few hearts flutter in oil and gas. The forecasts, in a change from yesterday, are hinting at a potential storm-track change.

Some of the new tracks…but not a majority…want to take the storm into the western shore of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico by Tuesday. Of course, whenever we are talking about anything 4 to 5 days out, we need to deal with change.

Forecasts such as this one are relatively unreliable, but that still doesn’t stop some people from shouting about worst-case scenarios…especially when it relates to economic impacts.

The bottom line: We are sitting and waiting to see if this storm will develop into a Tropical Depression and then, a Tropical Storm. If it is successful, the storm will be named Fay by the National Hurricane Center and you’ll hear plenty about it in the news. We’ll continue to keep you updated but for right now, there is too much uncertainty to say that this storm will cause any problems to U.S. interests.