Reader Mail: Some Alternate Headlines

Props to Jeff the regular reader who, in response my whingeing about the same-old-same-old in our summer headlines, came up with a few suggestions of his own ...

“Housing Market Still Sucks: So What Else is New?”

“Next Bank in Death Spiral? Place Your Bets, Folks”

“Harold and Kumar Can Call Bank Stock Bottoms Better Than Wall Street Analysts”

“What, Another Debt Rating Downgrade, Already? Bite Me”

“Waterboarding, Dungeon, the Rack: Just Another Round of Bank Earnings”

“Oil Earnings: Don’t You Wish Paris Hilton Had These Numbers?”

Thanks Jeff.

As for those of you writing in about our Olympic schedule changes ... sorry folks. But it only happens every four years and it's just for two weeks. When you watch the volleyball games, just imagine it's the bulls on one side, the bears on the other, and your portfolio bouncing in between.

Headlines to Check out ...

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