What Looks Good Now: Commodity, Tech Stocks & More

As oil has fallen at the end of the trading week to its lowest level since early May, CNBC asked the experts where to invest your money now.

Investing in China

“They’re adding 50 million Internet users per year; that’s phenomenal. So, if you missed the opportunity to invest in Google five years ago, you’ve got Baidu[.com] as an opportunity today.”

- Rob Lutts, Cabot Money Management founder & CIO
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Playing Technology

“We like technology; we like Cisco … We also like Devon Energy and Conocco, which are getting hurt by the oil prices, but they are very inexpensive… So even if oil comes down even more, those stocks should do well.”

- David Katz, Matrix Asset Advisors

Katz also likes: Alcoa, eBayand Monster Worldwide .

Betting on Commodity Stocks

“We have been buying commodity-related stocks like Joy Global . By 'related,' we mean we don’t want to own the commodity, we want to own stocks that have to do with services that have to do with getting that commodity out of the ground…”

- Kim Caughey, Fort Pitt Capital Group

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