The Bank That Dodged Subprime


We've told you about all the banks that have been dragged down by subprime, now find out about one that's higher because of it!

Believe it or not the subprime crisis is actually working to the benefit of a New Jersey bank. That’s right to their benefit.

Hudson City Bancorp is up 39% in the last 12 months because they’ve never issued a subprime mortgage or sold a CDO (collateralized debt obligations). Although the bank only has 125 branches, at 9.7 billion they have a larger market value than Washington Mutual.

And CEO Ron Hermance tells Fast Money that his company's future looks bright. “There are fewer banks to finance houses in the New York metropolitan area and that’s led to increased volumes for us” he says on CNBC.

Hermance also suggests that a large potion of bank's success stems from the fact that it’s a regional firm focused on the New York area. "We’re going through a geographic recession," he says. "If you isolate 7 states Michigan, Ohio and Indiana which are auto related and Florida, Arizona, California and Nevada you pretty much have isolated where the housing crisis is centered."

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