Germany By The Numbers


Profile on Germany: Germany’s economy is the third largest in the world in terms of GDP, after the United States and Japan, with a $3.3 trillion GDP in 2007. Despite its economic strength, its DAX index has not faired very well in our World Markets Challenge (see current leaders here). Here are some key stats on Germany's economy and markets.


  • The German economy is the largest in Europe and is the largest exporter in the world with exports at nearly one-third of GDP

    • Germany's biggest trading partner is France, followed by the United States and Great Britain.
    • In 2007, exports reached $1.14 trillion with motor vehicles at 18.7%, machinery at 14.3% and chemicals at 13.2% of exports.
    • The country began to deregulate its labor market in 2003 and as a result has seen a drop in its unemployment rate. The former East Germany, continues to have higher unemployment.

    In 1585, a bourse was opened in Frankfurt to set up for currency exchange rates. As trade grew in the next few centuries, Frankfurt followed the leads of London and Paris, and opened one of the world's first stock exchanges. In 1993, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange became Deutsche Borse AG. The DAX 30 consists of 30 major companies trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Prices are taken from the Xetra electronic trading system.

    Here are the ADRs of DAX 30 components listed in the US (almost all are down YTD).

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