Setting The Record Straight: Chesapeake Energy


If you watch Fast Money regularly, you know that Pete Najarian has been smitten with Chesapeake Energy. And he’s not alone. On Monday the Hartford Courant wrote, “Chesapeake might turn out to have been a screaming bargain now.”

The prediction is largely due to the company’s aggressive investment in natural gas exploration and the belief that Chesapeake owns our country’s biggest-ever natural gas deposits.

Chesapeake stock, however, is behaving in a rather perplexing manner. Despite so much positive news, in recent days shares moved lower on the decline in nat gas prices and the overall energy sector.

“I think the (price) gives all investors an opportunity to build a position in Chesapeake that they might not have had the opportunity to do when prices were higher,” says Chesapeake CEO Aubrey McClendon on Fast Money.


And if insider buying means anything you might be interested to know that McClendon spent $201.5 million buying shares of his own company. It's also worth noting that Chesapeake is hedged 100% in 2009 and about 75% for 2010.

"From where prices have fallen to now I think we’re in a place where we’re putting in a bottom in nat gas,” he tells the traders. “There’s been concern about excess supply but we think there’s good demand."

McClendon is very optimistic about the future. “I’m very bullish on natural gas going forward,” he says.

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