More Disgusting Food, California and Gaming


The Burger King Bather continues to reverberate. As I blogged last week, a BK employee got fired for posting online a video someone shot of him taking a bath in the sink at work.

Jeff J. then fowarded me this story from the AP—which has me thinking I should go back to forcing my cooking on my family, rather than eating out:

"(AP) A former restaurant cook who has pleaded guilty to a food-tampering charge in Washington County has been sentenced to six months behind bars and three years probation." Turns out after a customer complained last February at a Texas Roadhouse in West Bend, Wisconsin, 24-year-old Ryan Kropp put hairs in the man's steak. This is why I warn my family never to complain in a restaurant.

"Kropp apologized in court," says the story, and was given work release. But the customer still wasn't happy.

"Kevin Hansen says he doesn't accept his apology and Kropp deserves more time. He says he and his family don't eat out anymore."

Meantime, Jeff is familiar with the aforementioned Burger King, and writes:

"I’m originally from Dayton area near Xenia and have eaten at THAT BK often. Thanks for the taste of home, so to speak! Every town has its 'jackass' wannabes, including Xenia. Still, as a McDonalds shareholder, I’m lovin’ it...What really goes on in the back every day? With tainted grocery meats and veggies we can’t shop at the store either. That only leaves pizza. Bon appetit!"

Regarding my post on California's increasingly dysfuncational budget process, Shannon writes:

"Sometimes I think these 'political bobble heads' just think way too much for their own good. Personally, I have been wondering myself why they haven't just raised the sales tax across the board in California, and stop the bleeding already! It's a no-brainer, quick fix that will hit all people equally in the wallet. I have lived here all 38 years of my life, and I know how bad it is, especially concerning our school budget cuts. But instead of the proposal to raise property taxes, which would only hit those who own a home, an equally fair option is to raise the sales tax rates up a ¼ percent across the state. It's really not rocket science as much as they would like everyone to think!"

And A LONG-TIME FEMALE GAMER weighs in on my willingness to take on the gaming podcasters regarding my affront to humanity in reporting my son's decision to drop his Microsoft Xbox360 for a Sony PS3. Nanette says:

"I've been using computers since 1984 and was on the internet before it was cool to be on the internet. You know, those olden days of modems and local dial up BB's. Your handling of the moron situation ultimately shows them to be the morons, your ego not so inflated you couldn't do the ultimate which was show them you are human. When confronted with the reality of a human as opposed to a stranger on an internet forum, a boss demon on their latest and greatest game, they are taken aback and must resort to being human themselves. OH MY! It's actually sad as so much of their time is spent fighting foes that consist of ones and zeros...they behave as if they were raised in a cave without social graces or even a sliver of common sense when addressing others...I admit, I've done it too, and it can be a great way to vent off real life frustrations, killing that boss in the game better than killing the one at work...I find it rather sad as these people are smart, they have much to offer, but instead seek that comfortable place where real world suffering doesn't touch them...I keep hoping for them to grow up and use some of their energy contributing in a positive way to our many societal problems..Thanks for keeping it real. I appreciate your engagement without hostility towards them, it disarmed them. You are a smart girl, Jane."

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