Mad Mail: Why Walgreen Over CVS?

Jim: First off, a big U.S. ARMY HOOAH BOOYAH for ya! I'm a new Army officer who graduated from Bucknell University (I learned a lot from your talk there on the Citizen in America), and I've read all of your books on investing. I'm wondering if you had any other authors you could recommend. Hopefully you can help me find not just boring personal finance books that tell me what I already know, but I'm looking for something that goes deeper into the market and economy. Thanks from Cramerica, and thanks for helping out the common man. --Charley

Cramer says: Ken Fisher’s latest book The Only Three Questions That Count and David Darst’s The Little Book That Saves Your Assets. Older classics like Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor and Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefèvre are also good.


Dear Jim: I heard you endorse Walgreen this past week over your past favorite CVS Caremark. What has changed either with WAG or CVS that has caused you to change your mind? My understanding was that CVS's pharmacy benefit planner, Caremark, made the difference. Did their bid for Longs Drug Stores made you bearish or is it something else? Thanks for all you do to keep us educated and entertained. --Don in New Jersey

Cramer says: “I did not like CVS Caremark’s number. I thought that Caremark did not do well. I think the company itself would agree with that. I also believe that Walgreen has decided to stop its willy-nilly growth and get more measured in its growth.”


Dear Jim: I really like boxing, but not at 6 pm on CNBC. Have I mentioned that I am in love with my DVR? Thanks for that fun interview with Eric Schmidt. He had such a laid back but bold way of explaining and igniting excitement about the vision for Google…You do a great job on the show of keeping us viewers aware of the present market [rough and depressing], while keeping us focused and anticipating an optimist future with endless possibilities. --Lisa in Maryland

Cramer says: “People should go back over that Google interview because I think Eric gave you a longer-term view. Right now we’re caught in the miasma of the shorter-term view, and it’s really killing people. Eric gave you a multiyear view, and I’m really thrilled that he did.”

Jim's charitable trust owns Walgreen.

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