What Is Phelps' Legacy?

As people debate whether Michael Phelps will be a lasting icon, one company says its data shows that Phelps' legacy is bigger than the legacy of New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter.

The company, called Legacy Direct (link: www.legacydirectinc.com), has come up with a measurement tool for sponsors that takes what they call six legacy cornerstones, attach a percentage to each and come up with a final score.

Here's was Phelps' Legacy Direct Scorecard as of last Friday:

Athletic Achievement -- 100 percent

Public Exposure -- 92 percent

Philanthropic/Social Impact -- 27 percent

Human Resources -- 36 percent

Business Partnerships -- 87 percent

Sustainability -- 100 percent

The total score for Phelps is 91.93. I don't have the new numbers but the firm's co-founder Kathleen Hessert told me that his score as of Monday was up to 99. That now means his legacy is greater than -- get this -- Peyton Manning's.

Here's the other Legacy Scorecards:

Derek Jeter -- 91.37

Peyton Manning -- 95.13

Michael Phelps -- 99

Michael Jordan -- 115.40

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