Warren Buffett to Appear Live on CNBC Friday Morning As Squawk Visits Omaha for Movie Premiere


Warren Buffett will make multiple live appearances throughout the three hours of CNBC's Squawk Box this coming Friday morning, August 22. He'll be sitting down with our own Becky Quick, who is traveling to Omaha for the premiere the night before of a new anti-deficit documentary that includes an appearance by Buffett.

Squawk airs on CNBC from 6a to 9a ET. We'll also have extensive coverage here at Warren Buffett Watch.

You won't have an opportunity to ask Buffett your own questions this time around, but Becky will be able to cover a lot of ground, including Buffett's latest assessment of the U.S. economy (he was worried about "exploding" inflation when we spoke to him in June), the presidential race (Obama and a windfall profits tax), and why he sold a big chunk of Anheuser-Busch before the brewer agreed to a friendly deal with InBev that included a higher buyout price.

Buffett's silver-screen debut in I.O.U.S.A.will be shown in hundreds of theaters nationwide Thursday night, followed by a live "in-theater" event featuring Buffett and others talking about what the movie identifies as the four major deficits that threaten the nation's future: budget, trade, savings, and "leadership." The town hall style discussion will be moderated by Becky.

Here's a short clip from the movie, which I've informally subtitled "An Inconvenient Debt." It includes a few words from Buffett and other big names from the financial world including former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. (Clip provided by National CineMedia/NCM Fathom.)

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