How Do You Bounce During Changing Economic Times?

By Barry Moltz
Author, Bounce!Reprinted with Permission, excerpted from


Recession got you down? Been laid off and want to start your own business? Struggling in your current business? Are you thinking about what you can do with that tax refund that can put you on a new path?


1. Sometimes Failure just Stinks! We need to let go of the long-held belief that we can always learn from failure or that we can always build and duplicate our success. Holding on to this idea keeps us stuck and prevents an action that can move us to a new place where success again is possible.

2. Face Your Fear. Forget about having “No Fear”. Failure is an option, a likely one in fact. It is okay to be afraid. But if you can handle the potential outcome, you must act now despite your fear.

3. Give Up Shame. Grieve failures and wallow in it for 24 hours if you need to but then let go of the shame. Realize that life is not a straight line. We all have been where you are right now. Good times don’t last forever, but bad times don’t last forever either.

4. Failure Gives Choices. It provides a conclusion so we can move on to something else that gives us another opportunity for a successful outcome. Life is a series of ups and downs. It is change. Regardless of the outcome, success or failure, we can always position ourselves for another success by bouncing, taking a new action.

5. Downsize Your Dreams. Decide what your definition of success, including but not limited to money. Define your own brand of success. What are your money-plus goals? Devise your own measurement system so you can celebrate when you get there.

6. Set Patient Interim Goals. Just get a toe hold! Make some small progress. Invest your tax refund check in something that will achieve a goal. Small successes will give you the renewed confidence to achieve your long term goals.

7. Strive for Minimal Achievement. Focus on one thing at a time. It will provide you incredible power in your current of start up business. This is becoming a difficult talent because we are a multitasking culture. Multitasking actually reduces your productivity by 50%.

8. Value Action. Premeditated business ought to be outlawed. Stop analyzing. Stop waiting for the perfect moment when you have more information. Ask prospects if they will by your product or service. Experience builds confidence.


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