Cougar Business; Trump & Grossness: Your E-Mails


Someone mentioned that "Fake Jane" needs a break, so she's holed up in a La Jolla spa buried under two inches of mud mask sipping a mojito through an elongated straw.

It's just as well, because she wouldn't know what to make of the fuss over the word "cougar." For those not familiar with the (possibly derogatory) term, a "cougar" is an older woman who preys on younger men. May-December romances are actually the norm in Hollywood, when it's Miss May and Mr. December. You don't see MR. May hooking up with MISS December very often (though Fake Jane earlier cheered "cougar" Mariah Carey marrying Nick Cannon).

But cougars are reaching critical mass, so much so that First Wives World is debating whether the term is a compliment or an insult.

On one side is FWW Editor-in-Chief Jill Brooke, who likes the term. It's empowering, she says, adding that actresses like Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Demi Moore, Susan Sarandon and Kim Cattrall would LIKE being called a cougar. I think Jennifer Aniston would be mortified to learn she's now reached the age where she's cougarable.

On the other hand, FWW's "Chief Executive Girlfriend" Debbie Nigro hates the word.

"It just makes it sound like older women are pouncing on innocent young men, when truthfully we are 'treating them' to the experience of wisdom and an occasional expensive dinner," says Nigro.

She's hoping readers will come up with a new word. One reader responded, "I would rather be called a 'cougar' than a 'sugar mama.'"

Richard Gere in American Gigolo
Richard Gere in American Gigolo


Here's an oldy but goody, a story by's Brooke Sopelsa from February showing a dating event for older women and younger men. It even includes the author of "Getting L*id in New York City," a young man apparently channeling his inner Richard Gere from "American Gigolo."


On my blog post that Donald Trump is hoping to buy Ed McMahon's home out of foreclosure and lease it back to the entertainer, Thomas K. writes:

"Would have been a lot classier if Trump kept the news of his gesture to himself. What a blowhard !!"

On the story about the cook who put hair in the steak of a complaining customer, David B. responded:

"Evidently you never worked in a restaurant. You should see what the wait staff put in the food and the bartenders put in the drinks of cheap tippers. If you would, you would do what I do: leave a minimum of 20% if I am coming back. Then there is the military. Enlisted men cook for the officers. This can get very touchy. One must always be nice to those who are below you in rank, especially if they cook your food. Some officers never get it."

On a reader's note that California should solve its budget problems with a temporary sales tax hike (which may end up being what happens), Reg E. writes:

"I want to disagree with the idea that sales taxes affect all equally. If you are rich, you could care less what a consumption tax is...So this is an increased hardship on the low income earners. Additionally, how many 1/4 points can you raise that onerous tax? I also would like to comment on the Congress bank bailout package. If this is such a good package and everyone wins, good.

"But I have a suspicion that it hurts some people. Who?...Is it the person who saves and is prudent with his money? The taxpayer? The bailout is meant to shore up a system that created and allowed massive leverage in the financial markets. They created the mess and they do not deserve to benefit from this, even if it means that these banks fail."

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