CNBC's "Hunt for Black Gold" will Premiere on September 24th

"The Hunt for Black Gold" will premiere on Wednesday, September 24th at 9PM & 1AM, replacing "America's Toughest Jobs."

"America's Toughest Jobs" will air on Thursday, September 25th at 9PM & 1AM.

"The Hunt for Black Gold" hosted by Maria Bartiromo follows the flow of oil from the moment it comes on line, into the supertankers, into the refineries and finally pumped into the consumer's gas tank. Bartiromo's special moves from Alaska's North Slope all the way to the Gulf of Mexico - critical areas in the national oil debate.

Bartiromo asks tough questions of the men who run the most profitable companies in the history of the United States: Why there was such a dramatic and historic spike in gas and oil prices over the past year? Do the American oil giants feel responsible for the ripple effect of staggeringly high prices? And what the American consumer can expect down the road?

Bartiromo's special addresses the issue of global thirst: which countries consume the most crude --- you might be surprised. "The Hunt for Black Gold" also looks at the peak oil theory: How much oil is left? Is the planet running dry? Some of the foremost experts say yes.

In a rare sit down with one of the highest paid men in the oil business, ConocoPhillips CEO James Mulva, Bartiromo asks about feeding global thirst, finding oil in troubled spots around the globe and delicately balancing the relationships with leaders in Venezuela, Russia, Iran, Libya and China and what's at stake when those relationships fail.

And finally, the alternatives. The special looks around the corner at renewables. Which ones are viable and how are the oil giants positioned to deal with the inevitable transformation?

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